FlightViz 20006

My CSE 498 Senior Design Capstone group project developed for The Boeing Company. It is a networked flight simulator that uses the Distributed Interactive Simulation Protocol(DIS) over TCP/IP. Our design consisted of two main programs, a server that sends DIS packets over a network and a client(FlightViz Viewer) that receives these packets and displays all of the entities(Airplanes/Tanks/People) in a real world 3D setting. We obtaiend datasets for MI,IL,MO, and CA from the USGS. I created a seperate program which I called MapDataMaker to partition the source elevation datasets. The datasets we used were obtained from the USGS and were available in chunks from 25-250MB. MapDataMaker breaks up these large files into smaller datasets that fit into a world grid. The smaller dataset files are named according to a Latitude and Longitude index. Two 3D models are included; an F-18 A/B/ and Mig29. The F-18 A/B was adapted from the previous model that was used in FlightViz 2005. I modeled the Mig29 model in 3ds max and exported it to a .X model that is loaded in FlightViz. All programming was done in C# and Managed DirectX.