Cleanly Child Care

A serious game where where you play the role of a day care worker throughout their day. Energy Crisis was co-developed by: Jason Conley, Addam Pushman, Tom Stark, David Sahlin, Aaron Berton, Joe Fitzgerald, and Eric Vogel in collaboration with the Michigan State National Food Safety & Toxicology Department. I was a designer and programmer for the team.
Awards: Second Place at Future Play 2007 Student Games Competition, and MSU UURAF 2007 Merit Award.

Play (Requires Shockwave plug-in)

Energy Crisis

A serious game where where you get the chance to manage the energy production for the United States. Can you produce enough energy, keep pollution leveles down, while still maintaining a budget? Energy Crisis was co-developed by: Ben Medler, Eric Vogel, Aaron Wiesing, Aaron Berton, Yun Liu, and Jay Shurtliff. I was a designer and programmer for the team.

Play (Requires Shockwave plug-in)

Forest World

A game world created using the Torque game engine. The world is a small village during a dark and dreary day. Players are able to heal themselves by entering the temple. As of right now the game uses the starter.fps base so you can host a lan game. In the future I may add some AI bots to the level for single player.

Futurama Game

A simple memory game with Futurama characters, I made it in Macromedia Director.(Requires Shockwave player to play)

Mad Science

You are a mad scientist and something goes awry is your lab after making your latest discovery. Find out who is up to the strange happenings and put an end to their plot against you. The game requires Adrift to play.

Muscian Match

You are trying to put on a rock festival but those pesky muscians went out partying, match the muscian with its pair and get the festival back on track.


Play as either the fire breathing Ogre or of a team of up to three different heroes in a frenzied battle. Ogre uses the Torque game engine and was Co-developed by: Eric Vogel, Ben Medler, Scott Brodie, Eric Larese, John Lewis, and Andrew Fort. Ogre won Best Game of Show at the 2006 DMAT Awards.

Pharaoh's Tomb

Build up enough stone to build the Pharaoh's Tomb in this take on the classic game of Tetris.

Soccer Game

A soccer like game that Tim Schanert and I created using GameMaker. The goal of the game is to knock the opponets ball into their goal. Player one moves with the arrow keys. Player two moves using w,a,s,d. Download