Cleanly Child Care

A serious game where where you play the role of a day care worker throughout their day. Energy Crisis was co-developed by: Jason Conley, Addam Pushman, Tom Stark, David Sahlin, Aaron Berton, Joe Fitzgerald, and Eric Vogel in collaboration with the Michigan State National Food Safety & Toxicology Department. I was a designer and programmer for the team. 

Awards: Second Place at Future Play 2007 Student Games Competition, and MSU UURAF 2007 Merit Award. 

Play (Requires Shockwave plug-in)

Energy Crisis

A serious game where where you get the chance to manage the energy production for the United States. Can you produce enough energy, keep pollution leveles down, while still maintaining a budget? Energy Crisis was co-developed by: Ben Medler, Eric Vogel, Aaron Wiesing, Aaron Berton, Yun Liu, and Jay Shurtliff. I was a designer and programmer for the team.

Play (Requires Shockwave plug-in)

Forest World

A game world created using the Torque game engine. The world is a small village during a dark and dreary day. Players are able to heal themselves by entering the temple. As of right now the game uses the starter.fps base so you can host a lan game. In the future I may add some AI bots to the level for single player. 



Play as either the fire breathing Ogre or of a team of up to three different heroes in a frenzied battle. Ogre uses the Torque game engine and was Co-developed by: Eric Vogel, Ben Medler, Scott Brodie, Eric Larese, John Lewis, and Andrew Fort. Ogre won Best Game of Show at the 2006 DMAT Awards.